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Message Magic and Ad-ventures4U an easy MIX

I would like to show you just how easy and simple it can be to make Internet Marketing work for you.  I will show you two income programs that when combined can provide a lasting income for you.

The only concern I may have for you is to start up, these programs cost about $25.  That's like a fast food dinner for a family of four.  But if you really want to go to a nice restaurant in a few weeks and not have to worry about the price of the meal, just skip a night at the fast food restaurant and invest in these two programs.

Also, these programs work with Alertpay instead of Paypal.  They are networking programs and Paypal don't allow networking programs in their system. (They allow people to sell absolute junk, but not legitimate programs that people may earn a living with). Oh well, that's a subject for another day. Enough said about that.

OK, back on topic.  I'm about to show you how to take two programs and have them feed off each other to so you can create an income with both!!  These two programs are making
me a very nice income and keep growing weekly, not monthly.
If you could use an extra $200 a week then just follow along and see how it's done.

First off the two programs are...

Message Magic and Ad Ventures4u

Message Magic is a software package that works with the Skype phone network. Over 300 million people are registered with Skype.  That’s a lot of potential customers for you to introduce to our next program.  There is a monthly fee for Message Magic at about $15.  The program pays out about 90% to it's members and it pays every 5 days to their Alertpay account.  If you don’t have an Alertpay account you can get one free.

Message Magic also uses a pulsating matrix which allows you to be on top once in a while and have down line when payday happens.  You can also be in the middle and have down line. 

When you promote Message Magic and start building your team, these people stay as your members and you're also paid for them.  I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot of programs come and go, but Message Magic will be here to stay, as it treats it's member right and has a power software to use with a huge database.

You can find out more about Message Magic here.

Message Magic

Ad Ventures4U is used to advertise but with a giant twist. There are no monthly fees and no requirements to promote it. 

Plus, when you upgrade to Pro, you keep the money in your account and earn a weekly percent on the profits of the company.

And we're not talking about nickels and dimes.  You will see a whopping 4 to 10% a week and sometimes higher.  Ad-ventures4U works using a term called Ventures. You purchase Ventures and they are placed into your account.  Each week the percentage is determined depending on the amount of Ventures in your account.  You can withdraw these Ventures and turn them into cash and put it in your pocket, or you can let them accumulate and soon your Ventures will begin multiplying in just a few weeks.
When you build your Ad-ventures4U team 15% of any and all ventures your team members purchased is credited to your account.

What makes Ad Ventures4u a special place to advertise?

Glad you asked.

Everyone who buys ventures is upgraded to PRO and is required to SURF 25 sites a day to earn the top percentage for the week. Every upgraded member earns the same percent whether you are first to join or the last.  Makes no difference.

The first thing I did was to set up two websites one at Ad-ventures4U to show others as they surf.  Works just like a Traffic Exchange.  You can place up to 20 websites in Ad-Ventures4U and they will rotate. One of my websites is Message Magic.   With 13 thousand plus members all required to surf, you can guess how many hits you are going to get.

I started with $10 for 10 Ventures just two short weeks ago and have already realized more than a10% return. When you surf the 25 sites each day you're guaranteed others are going to see your sites and your opportunities.  If you surf more than the minimum, there is an opportunity to receive bonus credits.  Just like any traffic exchange, the more you surf the more hits your sites receive..

Meanwhile over at Message Magic (Skype) I am advertising
Ad Ventures4u to people.

So Here Is What Is Happening

I am getting sign ups at Message Magic from ads at Ad Ventures
and at the same time I am getting sign ups at Ad Venture4u
from contacts at Skype.

I receive sign ups daily for both programs which allows me to grow not only my income but builds my team as well.

And if you come on board and join both programs you can do the same.

Truthfully, you can do this with many types of programs and build your team as you go, but the best two I've found that will be around for awhile are the ones I'm telling you about today.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go right now and visit both sites and get your income going and start building your team.

Here are the LINKS

Message Magic


These two programs are the best I’ve seen on the Internet today.  They do it right and do exactly as they promise.

I also use another great program to build my list.  Trafficwave has been on the Internet for more than 6 years and it just keeps growing.  If you don't have an autoresponder yet, try out Trafficwave for 30 days FREE.  They won't even ask you for any type of payment.

Have you checked out GDI lately?  Such an easy program that just keeps growing.  Easy to earn an income for live with this one.

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May the day be yours,

Mark Tinsdale

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