Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Have you been banged lately?

Well, have ya? If you haven't you gotta go check out Pyrabang. If you're wondering how you bang, you gotta check it out.
A new program where you purchase bangs and then place your ad for the world to see. Very similar to pay per click but it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get your message out.
If you haven't seen Pyrabang yet, don't delay jump on over to and have a look.
It doesn't cost anything to look. If you like what you see, then sign up for a free account. Of course if you really like what you see, sign up for a gold account at a very affordable price of $5.95 a month.
Once you're gold, promote this little known gem, get other gold members and receive a $12 bonus payable over 3 months.
This thing is growing like crazy and your advertisement will be seen over thousands of websites and for free, but the best deal on the Internet right now is to get your gold membership today and start banging.
You'll be surprised who you can bang at Pyrabang.
Have questions? Just send me an email at mtinsdale [at] and I will respond with answers. Yep, I'm a real live person that likes to communicate with people that are looking to build a relationship.
Are you one?
Then get on over to Pyrabang, and get started today. Then send me an email at the address above and let us help you build your future.

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