Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WorkFor3Dollars - A good investment?

By referring only 3 people you can make $2,582,805.72! Of course hardly anyone ever makes it to the top of these programs, but would a few hundred dollars all for a life-time membership fee of US $3.00 help you out in any way?

Join NOW! http://allforthemoney.com/wf3d

Only a one time fee of $3 secures your membership, and you receive 4 very valuable and informative e-books worth much more than the membership. This great list building tool allows you to email your team when you want. Start spreading the word today and build your team and your list. This easy to do program, with the active matrix and automatic spillover will allow you to make a few hundred dollars in no time with the possibility of going into the $million dollar category. I bet there are a lot of people out there that can afford to invest $3 in order to accumulate a few hundred dollars. What could you do with an extra few hundred dollars? The holidays will be here before you know it..

Secure your spot now! http://allforthemoney.com/wf3d

By referring only two team members your $3 investment is returned. After that you are in profit. With the automatic spillover from your upline, and when you sponsor others, your spillover will go to your downline, using a matrix that is 3 wide and 15 levels deep.

...that's NOT COUNTING an extra $0.50 FOR EACH member referred!


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