Friday, September 12, 2008

WorkFor3Dollars - Earn 2.5 Million and build your LIST

If you're ready to part with $3 measly dollars to generate more than $2.5 MILLION while generating leads, then keep reading.

We are looking for serious marketers who are interested in developing a team by using this simple list building system, then expanding into different ventures when the timing is correct.

If you're interested in creating your financial future, then there is no better time than now to get started. If you have access to a computer and an internet connection, which you must if you're reading this then you should be able to afford a one time fee of $3.
If not or you're not ready to take control of your financial future and want to depend on others to support you, then thanks for your time, sorry to waste it.

But, if you're ready to take control, then read on to see what this company will provide when you take 5 minutes to sign up right now.

Ready? Can't wait? Go now to: and get started right now. If you're still not sure, then read on to see what the comany is all about.


This is a BRAND NEW company called WorkFor3Dollars(WF3D).

As the name implies, there is only a ONE TIME payment of just $3 with no other monthly fees ever!!

The business structure is a 3 x 15 forced matrix that allows you to turn your $3 into over $2.5 MILLION!

Now is the best time to get in!! As of this posting there are less than 2000 members so there is still plenty of room to grow. It's better to get into these when they are new and fresh, even though there should be many people looking for an opportunity just like this one.

You qualify for payment as soon as your balance reaches $3. And you will earn $3 when you sign up your second team member. See details below. WF#D pays once or twice a week through Alertpay. You need to be a member of Alertpay for this to work.

Not a member of Alertpay? Join here, it's free. Once you join this secure site, then just add your credit card for your $3 payment. Then set up your payment system at a later time.


The products WF3D offers is one of the most POWERFUL to come around in a long time. The prospecting tools alone will pay for your membership, but the second product, the list builder is something you will utilize for years to come.

Prospecting Tools

Instant Access to $1,000+ worth of Digital Products as soon as registered!

List Builder

A GREAT leads list builder!! It's your referral tree; the people that join your team and the people that join their team all the way down the 15 levels are part of your list, or your team, or your FRIENDS.
You'll be able to grow this business, then the next and the next with the team you build just from this one small investment. You get their email address and name sent to you when they join your team, plus you can email from your back office once a week.

THINK OF THE POWER!! This is what many MLMs lack ... communication! Most downlines die because the new people have no one to help them. No motivation coming from the top, because in other programs, the team members on the upper levels have no way to contact their team, but with WorkFor3Dollars it is done easily with the click of a button. Keep your team motivated and ON FIRE!!


Even though a matrix rarely fills up completely as in the case of this one, you may not realize the $2.5 MILLION, but a few hundred dollars over the next few months should help out almost anyone. Plus building a list of contacts to build your team in other programs is just a plus.


Easy breakeven and profit!

Once you enroll 2 people, you earn your $3 back -- because these will be on your first level so you will earn $1 each. Plus, for each person who personally joins your team, you earn an additional $0.50 making a total of $3 -- From the 3rd person onwards you are in PROFIT!!

Site Spillover

When someone joins the program without any referral URL, that new member will be placed under an active member whose Level 1 referrals is less than 2.

Multiple Accounts

All members can create as many accounts as they like using the same AlertPay account. The system just requires different usernames.

There is very little work involved in this. It's just a question of choosing your 3 champion team members WISELY and getting them started. The income potential is MASSIVE!!


Are you now ready to turn $3 into over $2.5 MILLION and build start building your list??

If no, I'm surprised you read this far!

... But if your answer is YES, then click the image below and get started RIGHT NOW!!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WorkFor3Dollars - A good investment?

By referring only 3 people you can make $2,582,805.72! Of course hardly anyone ever makes it to the top of these programs, but would a few hundred dollars all for a life-time membership fee of US $3.00 help you out in any way?

Join NOW!

Only a one time fee of $3 secures your membership, and you receive 4 very valuable and informative e-books worth much more than the membership. This great list building tool allows you to email your team when you want. Start spreading the word today and build your team and your list. This easy to do program, with the active matrix and automatic spillover will allow you to make a few hundred dollars in no time with the possibility of going into the $million dollar category. I bet there are a lot of people out there that can afford to invest $3 in order to accumulate a few hundred dollars. What could you do with an extra few hundred dollars? The holidays will be here before you know it..

Secure your spot now!

By referring only two team members your $3 investment is returned. After that you are in profit. With the automatic spillover from your upline, and when you sponsor others, your spillover will go to your downline, using a matrix that is 3 wide and 15 levels deep.

...that's NOT COUNTING an extra $0.50 FOR EACH member referred!