Friday, January 05, 2007

I couldn't keep this a secret

Hey Everyone,
I came across something today that at first looked like justanother product. You know, the ones that promise to do thisor that and give you so many irrelevant bonuses that it's actually comical. But let me stress it "LOOKED" like justanother product until I examined it closer. It actually turnedout to be a gem!
What I am talking about is a fantastic product called "ProfitPulling Offers". So what's this great product all about and how can it help you? I am glad you asked, let me show you.
First, let me ask you a question: Are your sales going wellor is there room for improvement? If you answered that thereis room for improvement then sit back and read on.
Profit Pulling Offers is something every marketer on and offlineshould own. This book shows you how to convert browsers into buyers at an astronomical rate. Here is just some of whatthis book reveals:
6 simple strategies for creating irrestible web offers
7 laws the determine EVERY purchase decision
10 simple ingredients for turning any website into a 24-hour salesman who brings in the profits around the clock.
11 essentials for every sales letter that pulls in maximum profits.
How to raise the perceived value of your offer by as much as a staggering 1500% without spending an extra penny
A 6-step system for setting up your own fool-proof, "they're gonna buy something" system of offers
and some much more I could not possibly list in this post.
I was so blown away by what this book had to offer that Icould not keep it a secret from you. I mean what kind of person would I be if I did that ;).
Remember what I said about most sites having comical bonuses. Well this one has some bonuses that are just toogood to pass up. There are 5 in all, here are the first 4:
#1 The Web Copywriter's Handbook
#2 30 Second Ad Copy Tips
#3 Killer Salesletter Case Studies
#4 May I Pick Your Brain? An Interview with Jimmy D. Brown
The final bonus has to be seen for yourself, incredible. Oh,did I mention that ALL of the bonuses cannot be found anywhere else online, NOWHERE!
I picked up a copy and have already started to see resultsimplementing just a few strategies. I have never been moresure of something in my business and I know you will feelthe same. Pick up a copy today and start seeing the amazingProfit Pulling Results for yourself. Follow the link below andgrab your copy now!
Too Your Success,Mark

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