Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 Ways To Jump-start Your Affiliate Commissions

(c) 2003 by Mark Idzik

Affiliate marketing is one of the most talked about topics
on the internet... and for good reason.

Next to creating your own products, it's one of the best
ways to make a full or part-time income online. In fact,
some prove me wrong and earn a better living exclusively
promoting other people's products and services.

And although it can be easy, 80-90% of affiliates don't
earn more than $100 a month.

But you can be part of the top 10-20% with a simple plan
and some strategic tips. Here are five ways you can boost
your affiliate commission checks today and start on the
path to larger commissions and affiliate marketing freedom:

1. Use Protected And User-Friendly Links

If you're promoting an affiliate program, instead of using
the link provided by the affiliate program, take a few
minutes and create a special link on your site that re-directs
your visitor and protects your affiliate link.

This benefits you in four ways:

- your affiliate link won't be chopped off because
it's too long (many email programs do this)

- visitors won't be tempted to cut off your affiliate
id, or replace it with their own to get a discount
on their purchase

- your visitor sees your domain name in the link,
promoting your business

- you can see exactly how many clicks you received
for that particular promotion by reviewing your
web site statistics

2. Review Products

For each product or service you promote write a personal
review of your experience with it. Be honest... people
will notice if you're just trying to hype the product.

You can email the review to your list, write a short
autoresponder series, as well as grab an image of the
product and display the review on your web site. Pick a
strategic location... the upper right side of any web page
gets the most "eye" traffic.

3. Add A "Recommended Product Guide"

Gather three to five of your favorite products... those
that you use and would recommend to a friend, and create
a short "Recommended Resource or Product Guide" along
with your affiliate links.

You can add this guide to:

- newsletter subscription thank you pages

- product purchase thank you pages

- exit pop-up windows

- special report sign up thank you pages

These pages are often empty, with just a "thank you"
and a link to your site. Use this valuable real estate
to make recommendations. Your visitors and clients
trusted you with their purchase or newsletter sign up,
and they're more likely to trust your recommendations
right after making a purchase as well.

4. Collect Visitor Information

Instead of sending your visitors directly through the
affiliate program link, grab their name and email first.

Create a special report about the product or service
you are promoting or offer them a special newsletter
on a related topic.

If you build a list of people interested in a certain
market, you can then promote related products and
services to them in the future.

If you just send them to the affiliate site directly,
you don't get that benefit and potentially lose a
lifetime of commissions.

Here's an insider tip:

- Create a pop-up window that includes your
sign up form and opens at the same time you
send your visitor to the affiliate page.

5. Give Buyers A Special Bonus

Give your visitors a special bonus gift for ordering
through your link. It could be a special report,
consultation, free service or a special product that
you have rights to.

This creates an incentive for the visitor to make the
purchase right now, and from your link... because it's
not available anywhere else.

It makes you the only source for the combination of
product and bonus!

Make it easy... just ask them to send you their receipt
and you can forward their bonus after verifying the

Bonus-- you get their name and email address and
with their permission, you can stay in touch with
them in the future with recommendations on similar
products or services.

Mark Idzik is the creator of CBPlugin, an easy to use
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