Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Are you tired of "Gurus" with their inflated egos?

Are you tired of "Gurus" with their inflated egos?
So why don't you tell them to shove their grubby little money-grabbing schemes where the sundoesn't shine!
Join me and hundreds like me who are getting into anew program that will give you all the tools, theadvice, the coaching and the secrets you need tomake it on the Net WITHOUT giving a single cent tothe guru fat cats!
Are you tired of hearing the same old garbage abouthow easy it is to make a squillion dollars whileyou sleep, or how you can get up when you feel likeit, go to work in your underwear, check your emails,count your cash, then go back to bed?
It's complete and utter crap!
I'm absolutely fed up with it, and so's everyone Ispeak to. Just like Global Warming, we're fastreaching a critical tipping point where either theInternet Marketing industry cleans it act up, orsinks into the excrement of history.
I'm ready to take a stand... are you?
Good, 'cause the time is NOW! This industry hasbecome so polluted with these so-called Heavy Hitterssqueezing money out of their own people that it'sabsolutely sickening! We - the little people - theeveryday average Joe's and Jane's are the peoplewho built this industry and put money into theseloud-mouthed scam-artists' pockets and now it'stime to stand up and say "NO MORE!"
NO MORE will I be held hostage by my upline topurchase their 'Business Building Tools' that turnout to be a complete load of useless twaddle.
NO MORE will I be labelled 'uncoachable' by mysponsor simply because I don't have his resourcesor skill sets.
NO MORE will I be ignored because I don't want tobuild my business the same way my sponsor isbuilding his.
NO MORE will I join a program that promises theearth and delivers NOTHING
Because now is the time to HIT BACK and GET EVEN
Find out THE TRUTH about how to...
** eliminate the BIG SEVEN internet myths.
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Face it....if you want to use the internet as asource of income, like me, this is your only genuine chance. Think about your current situation. Are yousatisfied keep giving your m0ney to these dead-losshyped-up time-wasting scams? If so, keep chuckingyour money away ... I shan't try and stop you!
If not; if you're fed up with the hype and thegarbage, come join me NOW. It's as simple as that.I'm not going to beg you to join us because,putting it very bluntly, you need us more than weneed you. We're already benefiting from ourmemberships. You're not.
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